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This was the once in a while gathering for the department. A night of fun, filling our stomach while enjoying each other’s cuisines. It was a night to get drunk though I don’t drink at all. haha!

Happy New Year and definitely I’ll be in and out of the social media for this year. Work, yes! It’s another year for JCIA and it’ll be a lot of pressure this time. Good luck. I’ll do my best. Fighting!




Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables


The original ingredient of this recipe is actually snowpeas. Since snowpeas is expensive for the time being, I checked our fridge to find a lot of veggies to use. And because I’m to eager to try this. I also added tofu for protein.

So, I thought curry powder is only used for chicken curry. I can also use it in this type of cooking. I just have to be careful with the measurement. Too much can be disastrous.