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Hello, It’s Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday and I was able to get out of work on time and that can happen once in a blue moon. I got some time to talk to my mom and sister back home, do some laundry, cook and read some book. Oh, let’s not forget to watch a little on youtube. Geez, I’m getting addicted to the second season of Produce 101.


And I was about to go and meet my cousin last time but due to the workload, I can’t. C’est La Vie. haha!

I was craving for some Indian food so I told my friend to have dinner in our favorite place, Silver Sands. They served the best Masala Dosa and Gobi Manchurian  I had ever tasted so far. haha! And I served myself some frozen yogurt from the grocery. I got it only for 3AED because it’ll expire in a week’s time. haha!

It’s been a not so long Tuesday.


Torsdag Aften and Weekend

Thursday night. Enjoying the cold weather and spent the night walking endlessly. And the next day, body pains. Urgh~ I just realized I’ve been walking for 3 hours. Haha! So we discovered this nice place somewhere near our church. A place worth to see. Though it’s not as high as Jebel Hafeet, but seeing the city like this just felt good.

I got some sweet treat from Prague!

Thanks for my colleague for remembering me. 🙂

So weekend is like full of books and went to the mall for a very short time to buy some stuffs and a few rest~

Woohoo~ goodbye weekend 🙂

What About Today?


I am not sure if I can call it a chill day because there’s not  much work for the surgery but I was trying to finish all my back logs for all the paper works and they’re piling up everyday. We only had one surgery inside the operating theater though.

So we’re done with one TMJ Arthroscopy and we’ll take a few days rest and back in action. For now I have to accommodate 5-6 people within the next two weeks and it’s so head wrecking.

Everything will be fine. Fighting!


Daily Verse:

“Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.”

– Proverbs 3:3-4 (NIV)



A Surprise

I thought it was just an ordinary lunch. We had lunch in Qube, a fusion of Arabic and Asian and particulary some Japanese food. We had sushi and first time I ever saw an avocado instead of mango. Anyway, it made me full. I broke my no rice rule for this week. It’s my weakness though. But I swear it’s bland.

So…. I was unaware with this surprise. We were in Dip n Dip when all the staffs suddenly sang a happy birthday. It was too early but my friend will be having an exam. Way too early but thanks a lot. ^^

A Road Trip To Ruwais

Four hours drive away multiplied by two in back and forth, that’s how far we went by. From Al Ain to Ruwais, it was a long trip that is worth to go for. Left by 10:30 in the evening and came by 3 at dawn the next day, went for fishing, witnessed the sun rise, had breakfast and left. We caught one big fish and still lucky than  nothing. Now what are we gonna do with the fish? We can’t decide on what to cook. Probably a Filipino favorite dish, “sinigang.” 

I’m crossing my fingers the photos I took by film will turn as decent.😜

The weekend getaway is over. Time to rest!