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When This Thing Hit You Hard

I’ve been LSS with this song for a few days now and it just hits my heart. haha!

It’s just all about an unrequited love. It’s in Korean though. And aside from that, the aegyoness is just too much. haha!

Well, the song said:

“If I express it, I fear we’ll grow distant
Losing you is unthinkable
If I express it, I fear we’ll grow distant
Losing you is unthinkable”
I have this Oppa and we’ve been talking for some time, still!!!!

Stop and Beware

I had so much thoughts and I don’t even know where to start. I was wondering whether I must get myself a domain I’ve been wanting or no. I even wondered why the doctor will use a Vicryl sutures instead of Prolene on the skin. But what my doctor said, don’t bother what they do as long as they don’t bother us. I hope that was the case. I just can’t imagine people who wanted their fellow down. It’s the thing that people called as ‘crab mentality.’ Well, I shouldn’t be bothered, right?

There’s too much I in this post though. Hahaha~ 

Here’s something green for you. My housemate got this from her workplace in the university. More green please. 🙂

Sticky Notes



Guess what? I just started my work in Dental Department and so far I’m lovin’ it. There’s more work to do and not just putting some sticker labels on the receipt and on labs and not even knowing what they were talking about.

I was shifted in Dental Department because I have to relieve a colleague as she’s leaving for a vacation in the Philippines. And hopefully, I’ll get a permanent place in the department. There’s less risk [i mean the needle prick and whatsoever].

And oh, I just got my wisdom tooth extracted and I’m on an ice cream diet for 24 hours. I’m now very hungry, boo~

The Cup Says….

Taken from my former blog.

The cup says coffee...

The cup says coffee…

… but it contains a cup of tea.

It’s nice to know some trivia regarding coffee…

Trivia: According to Wikipedia, the world celebrates National Coffee Day during this days: September 12 is National Coffee Day in Costa Rica.October 1 is International Coffee Day in Japan. Sept 19 is National Coffee Day in Ireland. May 24 is National Coffee Day in Brazil. September 29 is International Coffee Day in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and England. September 26 is National Coffee Day in Switzerland. China Celebrates International Coffee Day in early April, the exact date dependent upon the Chinese lunar calendar, and Chinese New Year. November 7 is International Coffee Day in Taiwan.October 21 is National Coffee Day in the Philippines, and was conceived to showcase Lipa City as the longstanding “Coffee Granary of the Philippines”. November 17 is National Coffee Day in Nepal.August 17 is National Coffee Day in Indonesia. Germany celebrates International Coffee Day on September 24.