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Torsdag Aften and Weekend

Thursday night. Enjoying the cold weather and spent the night walking endlessly. And the next day, body pains. Urgh~ I just realized I’ve been walking for 3 hours. Haha! So we discovered this nice place somewhere near our church. A place worth to see. Though it’s not as high as Jebel Hafeet, but seeing the city like this just felt good.

I got some sweet treat from Prague!

Thanks for my colleague for remembering me. 🙂

So weekend is like full of books and went to the mall for a very short time to buy some stuffs and a few rest~

Woohoo~ goodbye weekend 🙂




It’s weekend again! It means household chores and a lot of reading. How time just fly like this. It’s not that cold anymore. It’s just 21-25C  these days and there was no rain. That’s not good ! So we had a meeting about stress management and well, I can relate well especially when we were talking about what’s happening inside the operating theatre. We can all manage stress and the answer is in yourself. True!


And we have a random garden in the middle of our hospital building. i really don’t know the purpose of it but obviously no one can stay there. But it’s a nice view before going inside the operating theatre.

My Kind of Holiday

Everyone’s celebrating the 45th National Day of UAE. Thanks L for giving me the pin dedicated to all Sheikhs. And I am stuck at work for some emergency cases, unfortunately. 

The inspection was done few days ago and that’s totally exhausting. A year of rest or so for the meantime. 

Happy weekend~ Celebrate the day with more calories. 

Happy December 1st… First day of the last month of the year. Phew~

Friday is Cheat Day

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Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

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It was a day for cheating. It was Friday, I went to the gym (yup, just started working out again), we went to the church and I had decided to go the mall with my friends to release some stress. lol. I had two coupons for T.G.I.F. so we just used it before 2015 ends. It was a scrumptious lunch and I’ll try not to cheat again. haha!


Hili Rayhaan by Rotana







Crazy. I got no time to update, as usual. I’d just met my cousin last month. They went here in Al Ain. Whew~ but this week, I’ll see them in Abu Dhabi then together we’ll return in Al Ain.

We checked in Rayhaan Hili by Rotana along Baniyas St. It’s a long trip from my place but worth it. It’s sooo calm~  The hotel reminds me of my stay in Discovery Suites. But of course the service is better in Rayhaan. They’re serving high quality dates and arabic coffee.

The hotel is interconnected to a mall, Wahat Hili Mall. It’s bigger than the Al Jimi Mall but there’s only few shops so far. Even the food court! Well, maybe soon. 

Maybe this weekend, I’ll be able to return. Haha. Courtesy of my cousin. Kkk~