Ilocos Part 1

I still have tons to post from my previous vacation and it’s been two months since I am back to work.😄 I feel like going back home whenever it’s my friends’ or colleagues’ turn. However, I have bigger plans coming up. ^^

So~ here’s the first part of our Ilocos trip with my family. Well, just me, my sister, mom and aunt.It was twenty-four hours of traveling from my hometown and no proper sleep and no make up! Still, it was fun. ^^

uhm~ sorry the photos are in the random place. haha! The first stop in this trip was the Paoay Church. Finally I get to see them with my two eyes. haha! And in front of it was the famous Pinakbet Pizza from Herencia which unfortunately we weren’t able to taste. We came by 6 am and it’ll open by 9 am. Boo. Next was Marcos’ museum and I was able to see his grave and we went to the famous Malacanang of the North. It’s a mansion! And I tell you, the place was nostalgic! It’s sooo relaxing. Our lunch was composed mostly of the famous bagnet. haha! That’s why I got stomach flu during the whole trip as I don’t eat pork anymore. We also tried the sand dunes in Laoag. I had no plans in riding but because of my sister, I did. It was good but I prefer the sand dunes in Dubai. haha~ There were plenty of churches to visit there but I almost forgot the names. :3.

More to go~ haha~



The Mind Museum

We were planning to visit National Museum but we realize we lack of time and my aunt recommended that we go here in Mind Museum. We enjoyed our visit here though we were not that thrilled (me and my younger sister) as we are expecting more. The museum should be interactive however, most of the stuffs were not working. Booo.

So here are the moments we had when we were there and I think I have some more. ^^

Bencab Museum

We went to the most talked about museum in Baguio, Bencab Museum owned by Ben Cabrera. I would say it’s worth to go to this place though it’s quite far. I mean really far. I can’t remember how long was our travel time. We took taxi up to the market and from there, we rode a jeep going to Asin. Just ask the jeepney drivers that you’ll go there and they’ll tell you to hop in. And my sisters were right, I think it’s around 30-45 minutes ride. If you’ll take a taxi, it’ll be around 500-600 pesos,quite expensive. T.T

If you appreciate art, you must see visit this place. There are tons of artworks you can see and each section are divided so you won’t get lost. ^^ Here are some of the arts that I like and totally appreciated though there are really lots!

And after seeing the artworks, there’s a cafe at the basement, Cafe Isabel. It’s a good place to appreciate art and enjoying organic foods. Now I missed the Strawberry vinaigrette over the salad and cucumber mint shake. It’s so~ so~ good. ^^


Baguio version 2.0

I was back again in Baguio for this year’s vacation with the same reason, for my sister’s graduation. We were in a different hotel and went to different places that I haven’t tried. We were there for five days and as if the hotel was already our second home. Haha! We’ve been here and there, eat and stroll around.

More to go~ I got tons of photos to share. haha!


As what I had mentioned, we were in Baguio for five days. We stayed in Bloomfield hotel and it was really a very good hotel. The room was spacious, we got an aircon and fridge there! Unlike from last year. The employees are nice and they’ll help you with your things and even catching a cab. They have a nice café, Patch Café. They serve good food and coffee. It’s also a walking distance going to SM and to my sister’s school. One time, I had a morning walk and went to Sunshine Park. There were students who were conducting P.E. doing traditional dances. I got a free show!  

Post graduation! My sister and I were to bored to go back to hotel so we just strolled around and had some shake in Beanstalk. It’s around Upper Session Road. It’s a good place though. ^^

Way to go~



Circle – Sushi Counter

Funny, I am on a diet but I can’t stop myself and was indulge with sushi. And after several times planning to try Circle, finally we’re there. 

It has a good ambiance though it doesn’t look like a sushi house at all. The menu is on iPad and you can clearly see how each sushi looks like. We never thought that it’s so much affordable! You can get an order as low as AED 25 and big slices. They’ll also give you a starter of bread, yogurt and olives and they’re tasty, I swear. This is a must try place. ^^ It is located in Al Ain Mall, just in the corner. ^^ And I’d love to try it again. I’ll ditch my diet for this. Haha!

I Was Away and I am Back

I was gone for a month for my annual leave and I left without notice unless we have a direct contact. *snickers*

Whoops~ Enjoying a cup of coffee before my departure, enjoyed my view with the Palm Jumeirah along the window and yay, me and my sister, prevacation weight. haha! I gained weight! And they all said, it’s alright because vacations are meant to ruin your diet.

I was away and I enjoyed traveling and meeting my old good friends. I went back again to Baguio for my sister’s graduation rites and went to Ilocos with my mom and sister. And I swear, you should try going to Ilocos. Though I got sick because of the water source, but that didn’t stop from enjoying everything.

This is just a spoiler of my vacation. I’ll post them up soon, promise. ^^

P.S. I was planning to get a Diana camera or an analogue camera but I failed.😦