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Life in Phi

It was sunny and I did not get a chance to sleep at all. I was from night shift but I really want to enjoy my off. So, I hopped on straight away to the car and went to Pampanga. 😁 of course after taking a shower. Haha!

A little bit of grocery shopping at S&R. I just bought coffee 🙃 Lunch in Mesa and yogurt at Iiao Iiao. On our way home, I didn’t realize I slept in the car and I had an iced coffee on my hand. I’m just glad it did not slip from my hand.

Afternoon Session

Don’t you think that is the best Pinoy snack ever? Binatog, it is made of white kernel corn with coconut and salt on top. Just yummy.

My schedule these days was such a mess I am always on the night shift. I’m asleep 90% of the time. Except if I get a chance to have 2 days off. The other day, I was forced by my sister to cook chicken biryani. I posted it on my Instagram but don’t worry I closed it immediately. It was worth it to cook it. My craving for biryani were 100% satisfied but it’s a looot of work. I am not sure if I will do it again.

While I write this post, I want to share more things but my mind is just blocked. I am still sleepy. I only had 3 hours of sleep. And I am off to work again tomorrow.

Til next time. Ciao!


How did you start your new year?

My new year started with work. I only had 7 patients at that time. And almost everyone was able to go home and celebrate their new year. But the next day, my headache was so persistent and got a vertigo attack, so my first absent in my career and also for the new year. Haha! It’s ok though.

Recently, I removed my facebook app on my phone. Because there’s too much negative vibes. And social media again took over my free time. I’d say it feels really good. It’s so freeing. I was able to focus on a lot of things like my meal prep, self care and yoga. I started doing yoga. My SO recommended it to me. He started doing it and I was able to continue it. I’m still doing some short exercises too.

I’ll still keep this blog because it’s my online journal and it’s nice to look back on previous posts that I made in years. And I also have my journal. I skipped 2020 though. But I used a notebook for that year. I’m thinking shifting to digital journal but writing on a notebook feels really good. I am able to write all my thoughts. And it’s also a short break from using gadgets.

Another year, another start. Nothing is too late.