Happy weekend! It’s a great way to unwind and watch a movie with my mom and aunt. Sometimes, I wish habibi will take me to movies too but he’s just stubborn. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He doesn’t like going there.

Still Trying To Swing Around

I am still alive and well! Woohoo~

The past few months was really busy. I officially resigned as an OMFS nurse. Dr. V already left the company and so do I. But for now, I’ll still be busy with lots of stuffs and as usual, I’m trying to stay away from social media as much as possible.


Random thought: I missed eating Arabic mixed grill and hummus! I am still craving for it until now.

And that one on top was my last dinner in UAE with my friends. We had mixed grill, which is my favorite, shawarma arabic, chicken biryani and moutabhel. This set comes with hummus.

And this is the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. After living in this country for more than five years, I can finally say that ‘I’ve been there!’ But really, I missed this country.

Fleeting Moments

Ramadan Kareem!

Honestly, during Ramadan we only work for six hours so we have more time for ourselves, but it seems like I never made any plan to do something productive so I feel like I am lazy these days. I’ve been binge  watching on netflix that I think I finished 3 series and lots more to watch. I feel like telling him to cancel the subscription. haha!

So.. this is now my last ramadan and I think I’m gotta miss this short working hours. This is also the month (29 days actually), less dates for us. No plans at all. Anyway, we don’t make any plans. Sometime we love impromptu out of town road trip.

And last week, I was able to visit another emirate for a church activity, Ras Al Khaimah. We did not go out of the church as it is ramadan and it’s very hot. I’m so glad  I was able to visit RAK before leaving.

rak 1

rak 2

Lately, I’ve been watching videos about minimalism. As I was de-cluttering my things, I realized I have so many things from clothes, bags, shoes (ehem!), household items and etc. As I am moving to another place in few months time, I’ll do my best to embrace the world of minimalism. And I need to start saving for my future. Sometimes living alone makes a lot of good things. Being good doesn’t mean you have to be nice to everyone. Less talk  and helping people quietly is better.

tea qasr al hosn

But I don’t think I can minimize my love from tea. I am enjoying it from time to time though. And my beautiful mug from Qasr Al Hosn shop, a heritage museum that me and my mom visited last March.

One Weekend

I’ve always been looking forward this short trip in Abu Dhabi last weekend. It was just a moment to relax and chill, no work to worry about. And gladly, I was able to get off from work earlier. Unfortunately, I only have one weekly off, which is Friday.


And I totally enjoy the soft bed at the hotel.  I was able to get some news from CNN. The bombing in Sri Lanka is devastating though.

And as we checked out, we don’t have concrete plan though. As usual, I am really a lazy goer. I prefer to rest. Hashtag adulting.  In the end, we just went to the park to see the view of Etihad towers in this hidden view. I guess some people knew where this place is. lol.


And again, next stop, we don’t know where to go as I seldom come to Abu Dhabi, in an impromptu, we decided to go to this new island, Hudariyat island. It’s not so crowded here unlike in Corniche. And it’s not really that accesible. You need to have your own vehicle to come here.


And before ending the trip to Abu Dhabi, I was actually craving for a Korean food but I cannot find which restaurant. In the end, we ended up eating in our favorite Iraqi restaurant. I keep forgetting the name of this restaurant though. We had kebab and lamb with rice. My gee, the lamb was so tender and it was cooked really, really well! As well as the kebab. Iraqi style kebabs are just so flavorful. Before that, they gave us lentil soup and 4 types of salads. We’re so much full. And when it comes to price, it’s quite pricey but worth it.



On the way home, finally he allowed me to drive! yay! Though I messed it up in the end. haha!